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Ski bike 1x1

If you can ride a bike, you can ride a ski bike. However, there are a few special features that we would like to explain to you in our Ski bike 1x1. Of course, you can only learn to ride a ski bike properly on the slope. That's why we work with partner ski schools in Germany, Austria, and Italy, where trained instructors introduce you to ski biking.

Mountain biking has always been the best way for us to leave the stress of everyday life behind. However, since this is not so much fun in the cold season, the idea to develop our own ski bike was born.

We are not only concerned with precision and quality in the development and manufacture of our ski bikes, but also a measured approach to nature and respectful coexistence on the slopes. We want to be more than just a trend sport! That’s why we see it as our task to make ski biking a great experience for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is ski biking difficult to learn?

    No, the learning curve is relatively steep, so with proper training and teaching the basics, you can be skiing a Green Circle trail in an hour or two.

  • How do you brake?

    Braking is particularly important for safe riding. However, there are no brake levers like on a bicycle, braking is carried out similarly to skis or snowboards by sharp edging. in the section “Basics”, further down on this page, we explain the exact sequence of movements.

  • How do i get up the hill?

    You can use all possibilities of lift transportation, from the drag lift to the gondola, but there are a few things to consider. You can find out more about this below under “Lift & Gondola”.

  • What protective gear do i need?

    We recommend a helmet with ski goggles and sturdy and high-necked winter shoes or snowboard boots. Gloves and weather appropriate clothing should be worn in any case. Knee and shin pads can also be an advantage if you are more ambitious.

  • Where am I allowed to ride and what should I watch out for?

    „Ski bike etiquette“

    We love ski biking and want you to do it, too. If you have your own ski bike or want to get one, don’t forget that ski biking is not yet as widespread as skiing or snowboarding. We don’t want to overwhelm other winter sports enthusiasts and lift staff with our sport. Especially here, the rule is: don’t break the ice with force but melt it with patience. This is the only way we can maintain a permanent place in the winter sports area.
    That’s why we rely on close cooperation with local ski schools, which offer training, courses, and test rides, so that the sight of a ski bike becomes more and more natural.
    And it’s up to you, too, because respect is not a one-way street: If you behave considerately towards others and have understanding for their concerns, you will also be met in a friendly manner. For example, give way to snowboarders and skiers at the lift instead of squeezing into an almost fully occupied chair.


How does ski biking actually work? Here we show you how to do it.


Correct posture is very important for controlled and stable riding. Despite the saddle, a ski bike, unlike a skibob, is ridden standing up, feet on the footrests, knees slightly bent and both hands on the handlebars.


The best place to start is on a slight slope. You start at a right angle to the slope because this way you can control your speed. If you now align yourself diagonally downhill, you will slide across the snow on the ski underside. As you shift your weight up the slope, you will feel the steel edge build up more and more grip and the skis will be guided in a defined radius.


To get slower in a controlled manner, you can reduce the radius of your turns and thus keep your shot runs short. Then you slide longer across the slope and slow down. Acute braking works the same way as with skiing and snowboarding: By shifting your weight to one side and abruptly crossing the ski bike to the slope, you can initiate an emergency stop. Putting down the foot on the inside of the curve gives you additional stability.


Even more than in biking, in ski biking you don’t steer primarily with the handlebars, but with the shifting of your weight. To make a turn, you shift your weight forward over the handlebars. If you now also turn your upper body slightly in the direction you want to go, the ski will turn in until the steel edge grips. Then the ski bike automatically makes a radius, i.e., a turn. Practice this step for right and left turns, then move on to the next step.


Before you venture out on long and steep descents, you should be able to combine left and right turns safely, regulate your speed and master acute braking. In any case, we recommend a training by one of our trainers or partners. This will save you time, frustration, and unnecessary risks on the slope.


Basically, you can use all types of lifts that skiers and snowboarders use. With the ski bike, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.


With a ski bike, T-bar lifts can only be used one at a time. You stand centered over the ski bike, feet on the ground. Then you grab the T-bar and clamp it centrally behind the handlebars, so that you can now grasp the handlebars and the ends of the T-bar with both hands. Then you can just sit on your saddle and enjoy the view. On the way out, wait until you have been pulled over the top of the lift exit. As soon as the rope relieves some pressure, pull the bar towards you briefly to release it from the handlebars.


On the chairlift it is important that you always occupy one of the outer seats with your ski bike. When you get on, the ski bike must be between you and the outside of the chair. When sitting down, make sure that the rear edge of the saddle rests on the seat edge of the chair. This way, most of the bike’s weight rests on the seat. While holding the ski bike with one hand, close the safety bar with the other. Also secure the ski bike with both hands throughout the ride.


Put the ski bike upright in front of you to take up as little space as possible. When the gondola doors open, you can enter. You can place your bike on the rear ski, the torsion system prevents the ski from folding down.

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