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Sports equipment
for highest

Developed and constructed without compromise

This symbiosis of mountain bike and downhill ski brings biking into the cold season. Our ski bikes combine maximum flexibility with highest comfort and thus offer an incomparable winter sports experience for everyone, from Sunday riders to downhill fanatics.

High quality
suspension elements

Front and rear suspensions come from RockShox, a SRAM brand. They are characterised by their lightness and reliability. They offer sufficient suspension travel and the best ground contact on any surface, whether jumping in bike parks or on off-side passages in open terrain.

Frame handmade
in Germany

100 % made in Germany: We guarantee consistent quality and the highest level of safety through a production process that takes place in Germany from start to finish. The frame, the heart of the ski bike, is developed and manufactured in Chemnitz so that it meets our expectations of durability and functionality. It is agile, balanced and reliably stable.

our quality standards

Perfect grip in any weather

We have developed the “Wildsau” footrests for maximum stability. They are made of high-strength aluminum and stainless steel und offer a large contact surface. Snow hardly adheres, thus a secure hold in all weather conditions is guaranteed.

Torsion system
from Weißbach Sports

The torsion system from Weißbach Sports is the link between the skiing device and the ski. It has maintenance-free bearing and ensures optimal edge contact when the skis are inclined, and the surfaces are constantly changing. To prevent the skis from folding down during jumps and tricks, the range of motion is limited and thus offers additional safety in extreme situations.

Quick change system

The quick change system guarantees maximum flexibility. Depending on the terrain, the skis can be quickly exchanged or removed for transport. Thanks to high-strength and temperature-resistant plastic, the quick change system is stable and ultra-light.


Whether slope or deep snow, leisurely cruising or Black Diamond trails: we have the right ski for you. The All-mountain ski from RVL8 Skiboards is your perfect companion on groomed slopes but also masters a detour into untracked terrain.

The Powder ski from Lenz Sport provides the ultimate feeling of freedom in deep snow, enables more stability in natural terrain and allows higher speeds on the slopes.

The right model for every purpose

Relaxed alpine skiing, bike park or deep snow - passionate winter sports enthusiasts, eager mountain bikers or newcomers: we have the perfect ski bike for every purpose.

The robust one

The lightweight

The offspring

The robust one

The lightweight

The offspring

Quality with safety

Our bikes are designed and manufactured in Germany. To guarantee reliability and safety, they are extensively tested in alpine terrain and have passed various stress tests. We didn’t just want to throw another winter sports device on the market, we wanted to present a high-quality, sustainable, and functional fun guarantor which lets you experience real freedom, enjoy nature, and test your limits.
The frame and other components are developed, manufactured, and assembled in-house. When selecting add-on parts such as front and rear suspension, we rely exclusively on market-leading manufacturers and their quality products.

About us

Downhill on an enduro bike on ski?

Ski biking is older than you think. The first skibobs which were ridden while sitting have been around since 1900. Unlike then, today people ride standing on footrests. You steer by shifting your weight. This makes a modern ski bike more maneuverable on slopes and more flexible to handle. Thus, ski biking offers the perfect opportunity to combine mountain biking and winter sports.

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